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About The channels at Shoalstone
Sat 8th Sept 2024

A brand new race in the South West
Run by Kate and Ivan Burton from Open Water Devon, take part in the inaugural and first charity swim race run by Open Water Devon at Shoalstone Sea Water Pool in Brixham. This event is held in the 53m sea water pool, dating back to Victorian times. Whether you're a seasoned athlete or a novice participant, this event caters to all skill levels, offering a range of race categories to choose from, 8 years old and up. 

How does the event run?

You can register your team (St Michaels Mount, Smeaton to Drakes and Devon to Cornwall are Solo only, Brixham to Torquay, Lundy and the Channel can be in unlimited teams) for a Channel challenge, anything from St Michaels Mount to The English Channel. Alongside swimming you'll find an array of activities to join in with on the pool decks - from Jewellery Making, to Zumba and art workshops.

This event is very relaxed, we are not timing teams (though you can do yourself), the aim is to complete rather than 'win'! 

Each team has an available start time to complete their channel and will pass their team wristband to each swimmer (1 at a time), logging each lap at the end of their time by returning to HQ. 

1 lap of the pool = 110m

Minimum age for any team member is 8 years old.

This event will be raising money for charity. The profits raised from entries and fundraising will be going to the maintenance and running of Shoalstone Pool, and to a local not for profit Safe Swim Projects who provide free at point safety, swimming and first aid courses for Devon locals. 

All profits from ticket sales go to charity, we are also asking each to raise money for these charities through sponsorships.


Day Schedule

(you can register 30 mins before your swim start)

Channel swimmers reg from 7.30am 

Channel swimmers start swimming 8am 

St Michaels Mount swim at 9am 

Lundy Crossing swim at 10am 

Brixham to Torquay swim at 11am 

Calshot to Cowes swim at 2pm 

Devon to Cornwall swim at 3.30pm 

Smeaton to Drakes swim at 4.30pm

St Michaels Mount #2 swim at 5.30pm 

Devon to Cronwall #2 swim at 6pm 

Close 7.30pm 

The Channels Available

St Michaels Mount 0.54km (5 laps)

Smeatons to Drakes 1.1km (10 laps)

Devon to Cornwall 2km (18 laps)

Calshot Castle to Cowes 5.8km (53 laps)

Brixham to Torquay 7.2km (65 laps)

Lundy Crossing 17.8km (162)

English Channel 33.8km (307 laps)

Please see the FAQ's here for lots of info

Who runs The Channels
Run by Kate and Ivan from Open Water Devon, both experienced sea swimmers, open water coaches and water enthusiasts are bringing the iconic race back to South Devon!


Ivan holds a Surf Science and Tech BSc 1st Class Honors, and is a Senior Lifeguard trainer/assessor with the RNLI. He has grown up swimming in lakes and rivers in Wales, before travelling the world following the waves, and settling in Devon. 

Kate has taught outdoor education for 15 years, and holds the BC White Water Level 3 training, 4* Sea and White Water leader, White Water Safety and Resuce, Beach Lifeguard, STA Tutor and Powerboating Level 2. She's Devon born and bred, and loves any aquatic adventure!

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